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We are a UK-based company called TeamAffordaHouse that aims to bring innovation to the property sector. Our vision is to merge two highly profitable investment opportunities into a single venture. Through our symbiotic investment model, your investment in our coin will contribute to the establishment of a new ethical property conglomerate that has its own Cryptocurrency token.

This partnership between our token and housing purchases will create a mutually supportive environment for their growth. We firmly believe that our business model insulates us from economic downturns, making our company and investment an attractive proposition. Even during market struggles, our profits from property investments will fuel the growth of our token, and vice versa.

We invite you to seize this unique investment opportunity, one that offers unlimited growth potential. Do not let the chance slip away.

Token address - 0xa7e5311DC6926d4407b6d20F8Ca5Ce6C92581B35

Token supply - 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion)

Available to buy here --->


How will you make money?

In contrast to other cryptocurrency projects that operate with a structure similar to MLM, Ponzi, or Pyramid schemes, our venture will not require individuals to retain their tokens indefinitely. We offer the flexibility for individuals to buy and sell tokens as frequently and whenever they choose. It is important to note that each transaction will be subject to a 10% tax, which will be allocated towards coin burning, enhancing liquidity, and establishing a fund for purchasing real estate.

The profitability generated from our rental properties will enhance the value of our tokens. This implies that the minimum valuation of our coin will continue to appreciate, regardless of the level of investment in the coin. Therefore, if you are a long-term investor, you can anticipate substantial returns. Irrespective of the timing of your investment, even during periods of all-time high prices, the floor valuation of our token will surpass your initial investment due to rental profits. Over the long term, you can expect consistent and substantial yearly gains on your investment.

For those interested in short-term investment opportunities, we will offer incentives to individuals who engage in daily buying and selling of tokens. Approximately one third of our token supply will be reserved in a wallet for prize distribution. On a daily basis, we will be awarding 1,000,000 tokens divided among the top 100 buyers, provided they have made a minimum investment of $10. By participating in this daily prize system, participants can generate immediate profits while contributing to the expansion of our project. To be eligible for the daily prizes you must join our Telegram group below.

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